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Pan's Curse

**Previously released in the Wickedly Twisted Anthology**

The race is on. A jealous fairy has put a curse on Peter Pan, and it's up to Captain James Hook and his crew to follow the clues and save him before time runs out, or he'll be gone for good. If she can't have him, no one will. Can James and Peter have their Happily Ever After?

Excerpt from Pan's Curse

“Yes, James, it’s true. I really am here. Open your eyes and talk to me. Hear what I have to say. Let me explain; give me a chance to ask your forgiveness.” A bitter laugh rolled out of James at those words. “Forgive you? You really ask for the impossible with that request.” “You think it hasn’t been hard on me to be away? I left my whole life, my existence, and the man I was falling in love with. There wasn’t a day that went by I didn’t question my reasons for leaving. Thankfully, my love was stronger than my weakness. I toughed it out because I knew, in the end, my reward would justify the years.” “Hard on you?” Hook bellowed as he slammed his hand on the table.  Bottles shook and fell, some crashing with a clatter of breaking glass. “I woke to the news you had left with that shrew and her brothers, never to be seen again. I waited day after day for some sign of you returning. Eventually, I had to face it; I was alone in this hell. Everything was gone, my will, my desire, and my heart.” James looked into Peter’s eyes and could see the boy he once knew in the stunningly beautiful man before him. Wavy brown hair that wouldn’t stay tamed and fell slightly over one bright blue eye. A mouth that begged to be kissed and taken. James could feel his body instantly betray him at the sight of the ruggedly handsome man. He ached to run his fingers over the stubble upon his Peter’s face.

Sexy in Rainbow
An O My! Novel

Two men, hiding from each other. One club to bring out their deepest secrets.
Jace walked into Carnal Knowledge determined to have nothing but a good time, However, he found a passion buried within that only the arms of the Masked Man could bring out.
The moment the Masked Man sees him, he sends word to everyone else to leave Jace alone.
Tonight is the night to reveal what's been hidden for far too long.
However, when Jace comes face-to-face with his secret fantasy will he run or have the courage to embrace his deepest desire?

Check out all the O My! Novels on Amazon  and keep an eye out for future adventures of the gang.

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Out on The Seas

Skyler Pinkerton loved his job at the Alphabet Mafia Magazine, but when his boss and old friend gives him his latest assignment, he’s ready to give it all up. An LGBT singles cruise was the last place he wanted to go.

Nikolai Drakos was on a break from his job as an eco-warrior. When he heard about the cruise, he jumped at the chance to meet new people and have a fun relaxed trip before he got back to saving the world.

Sky had his world torn apart once already, he wasn’t willing to put his heart back on the line, not even for the sweet man who’d pulled him back into the living.

Nikolai, and their new friends aboard the cruise ship had seven days to convince Sky that love was working taking a second chance on.

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