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Baine’s a survivor. First, his pack threw him out when he was barely old enough to fend for himself. Then he was thrown into some of the worst undercover assignments he could imagine. Just when he thought things were going well, he was kidnapped by a black magic witch. Now, he has to survive one last hurdle, but never would he ever thought it would come in the form of his mate. Soren’s never known what it’s like to feel love. He was raised with the belief that his gargoyle was a monster. He’d locked himself away from the pain and humiliation he suffered as a child. He knew he could never be what his mate needed him to be, no matter what the town thought. His mate was better off alone, then shackled to his stone heart. All hell breaks out when Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency decides to find Baine his mate. Now, Soren has to decide to step up to the plate or watch his mate find happiness with another.

Locked in Stone: Paranormal Dating Agency (The Phoenix Pack Book 2)

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