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Cailean Muir fled his home, seeking refuge in the rumored town of Black Hollow. The only place where paranormals are able to live free of fear and persecution. It sounded too good to be true, but he had to escape those that wanted to keep him locked in his gilded cage..

Tristan Falkenberg loves his life in Black Hollow. Owning a restaurant with his twin sister isn’t always easy, but he’s proud of their success. He has friends he considers family, a lake house that provides everything he could need, and an otter as a best friend. Life can’t get better, until he meets Cailean and Tristan is shown there is more to life than he thought possible.

Love, lust and friendship blossomed when their eyes met, but would it be enough to fight the outside forces that longed to tear them apart?

Black Hollow: Blessing in Disguise

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