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Goated by the God's
(Deity Dating Book 1)

Their family cursed by the god Thor long ago, the Maddux brothers are forced to walk the earth as both goats and men. Maddening at first, the family has since learned to use their curse to their advantage and wouldn’t trade it for anything, except for maybe love. Finding someone to accept them - both sides - is proving difficult. 

Thor feels guilty that time has slipped away from him in the mortal realm, he never meant for the curse to last as long as it has. In an attempt to make up for it, Thor takes it upon himself to help the brothers find their soulmates, with the help of the trickster god himself, Loki. 

A matchmaking service run by Thor and Loki? This should be fun, but when the gods are involved, nothing is ever easy.

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Loki's Match
Deity Dating Book 2

The Deity Dating Agency is riding high on the success of their first match and is now determined to find a forever mate for the next brother, Quenten. The only hitch? Loki. Thor struggles to find someone who meets Loki's standards, even though it's not even his own date. What's a god to do when the most suitable match is also the least likely to fit?

As Quenten observes the chaos caused by the gods' attempts at matchmaking for his brother, he braces himself for his turn. Surprisingly, every guy he meets is nice, some even potential friends. However, none stirs his desires as much as Loki does. What's a man to do when only a god can satisfy the cravings within?

Trapped in a landslide, Loki becomes Quenten's unlikely savior. The thin line between love and hate becomes increasingly blurred. The question remains: which force will emerge victorious?

Goated by the God's
(Deity Dating Book 1)

Jared Maddox grapples with the burden of immortality, a gift from the meddling Norse Gods Loki and Thor. Their latest quest: to help him find love.


Trapped within the confines of his home, tormented by the passionate encounters of his brothers and their mates, Jared yearns for a respite from the maddening loneliness. Just when he believes his sanity hangs by a thread, a clandestine invitation arrives—a beckoning from the enigmatic Dragon's Breath Tavern and Inn.

Riepal, a Dragon shifter and co-owner of the establishment, has long abandoned the notion of love. Preferring solitude over heartache, he guards his heart fiercely. But when fate intertwines Jared and Riepal's paths, an unexpected spark ignites, stirring the embers of hope within their weary souls.

Amidst the mystical ambiance of the tavern, Jared and Riepal navigate a dance of desire and vulnerability, as the allure of an immortal love collides with the hesitations of a jaded dragon. Together, they must confront their deepest fears and embrace the possibility of a love that transcends time and nature itself.

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