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Sassy Ever After: Check Mate

(A Milly Taiden World Novella)

It's time to team up in more than one way. Love, lust, laughter, friendship

Sheriff West Graelin moved to Blue Creek for a change of pace. Instead in his first week, he meets a naked man over a dead body who tempts him beyond his ability to think straight. Now the bodies are piling up and their killer is taunting them.

Tucker "Rook" Jameson is having an interesting week. First, he finds a body, then he finds his mate... the new Sheriff. Someone has decided to make the pack of Blue Creek pay, but for what is the question
.and murder...It’s just another day in this small town.

Sassy Ever After: Demon Mate

(A Milly Taiden World Novella)

Brogan Taggert, a wolf shifter and town playboy's entire world is upended. Not only is he a man, but he's also in Hell... Literally. 

Jericho, a six hundred year old demon was dragged to Hell after helping the town of Blue Creek banish a necromancer. Each day he's tortured and all he can do is call out to his mate and say I'm sorry.

They say the road to Hell is laid with good intentions. It's time for Brogan to find out if the old adage is true. Can they rescue Jericho and have their happily ever after?




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Paranormal Dating Agency: Forged in Fire

(Phoenix Pack Book 1)

Daegan McKenzie’s life revolves around two things, his grandmother and vengeance. When she asks him to escort her good friend Gerri to visit friends, he reluctantly agrees. Now he is searching for the clues to bring his friend’s killer to justice and

Sypher Delacroix is the leader of a pack of winged creatures that even some shifters believe don’t exist. Their numbers may be small, but pack Alpha has a plan to change that. He knows only one person can help this reclusive group find their mates, Paranormal Dating Agency owner and genius, Gerri Wilder.travelling with a perceptive and slightly scary woman who just might know more about what makes him tick then he does.

Two lives are about to entwine in ways neither of them expected as they learn that sometimes the ashes of your past can be the foundation of your future.

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Paranormal Dating Agency: Locked In Stone

(Phoenix Pack Book 2)

Baine’s a survivor. First, his pack threw him out when he was barely old enough to fend for himself. Then he was thrown into some of the worst undercover assignments he could imagine. Just when he thought things were going well, he was kidnapped by a black magic witch. Now, he has to survive one last hurdle, but never would he ever thought it would come in the form of his mate.

Soren’s never known what it’s like to feel love. He was raised with the belief that his gargoyle was a monster. He’d locked himself away from the pain and humiliation he suffered as a child. He knew he could never be what his mate needed him to be, no matter what the town though. His mate was better off alone, then shackled to his stone heart.

All hell breaks out when Gerri Wilder from the Paranormal Dating Agency decides to find Baine his mate. Now, Soren has to decide to step up to the plate or watch his mate find happiness with another.

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