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Welcome to my home on the web <3

My name is Sheri Lyn and I write M/M Romance and M/M...well stories of every genre.  You probably already know that since you found my page. I love to talk with my readers, so please don't hesitate to give me a shout out! I'm not the greatest with updating this website, but I'm working on it. So if you don't see what you want to know..... ask me :D

I have lots of stories in the works and even some new ones percolating in the back of my head. Well, as long as the characters will cooperate when it's their turn. They can be stubborn...

Do you know I have a Street Team?

What's a street team you ask, well it's a group of people who love my book and want to help spread the word about them and in return they get advance copies of the new stories and other perks.  If you're interested in joining the Smut Bunnies find us on Facebook.

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